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Thread: PayPal Buyer protection does not exist

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    ams001 Guest

    Post PayPal Buyer protection does not exist

    I bought an item for 10 from a seller who I thought was in the UK. The seller was unfortunately in Hong Kong and the item I received was not as described. It was mis-represented by the seller.

    So I tried contacting the seller - no response. I open a dispute. PayPal tries to contact the seller. No response. Time passes. Eventually PayPal decide to find in my favour and want me to post the item back to the seller, registered. The from the post office to return registered, excluding packaging, is 5.50. I ask PayPal for the cost of posting the item back so I am not left out of pocket, and paypal refuse only offering me a refund on what I paid for the item.

    So I am left out of pocket when purchasing something that was misrepresented.

    Buyer protection - pah!

    Dispute with PayPal is still ongoing - they take forever to respond. I think they count on people losing interest over small sums of money.

    PayPal account now closed and will never use them again.

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    Stanwellt Guest

    Default PayPal buyer protection does not exist.

    I bought a replacement computer battery - GBP40 -through PayPal. I was surprised to see the item had been posted from Singapore to the UK. Had I known it was coming from Singapore I would never have bought it. When I opened the package I found it was the wrong battery - the invoice stated the correct type.

    I was asked by PayPal to return the battery to an office address (No company name) in China with a tracking service, The cost would have been GBP25 to recover GBP40.

    I asked PayPal why I could not return the battery back to the supplier's address/agent in Singapore. A tracking service to Singapore is about GBP9, but they were not interested in investigating and had a take it or leave it attitude to my claim. They closed the case when I did not use the tracking service to China.

    The supplier asked me to return the item via airmail and assured me it was safe and would return the money promptly. I did this at a cost of GBP5. After more than one month I have not heard from the supplier who keeps my GBP40 and by now must have got the battery back.

    I later saw your website and resolved never to use PayPal again.

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