Before I left ebay, I noticed that they started limiting the visibility of my items for no apparent reason whatsoever. When I would do a random search for my item type, I noticed at times that other people's would show but not mine. I would search through pages of items and not see mine anywhere. So, of course, my sells would drop during these times. I finally got fed up and asked Live Help (more like dead help...but that's another thread) and they couldn't give me a straight answer as to why. They tried some gobblety gook about it being due to a low feedback rating but I pointed out that my feedback rating was 99.4%. After that they tried telling me it had something to do with seniority but I pointed out I had been a member for about 5 years. I never did get a straight answer. My feeling is that they randomly limit long time seller's visibility of items so that the newbies will have more of a chance. I don't think that is fair. Unless a seller has done something wrong, Ebay has no business limiting who can see an item if it is something they are looking for.

Don't use Ebay, people. Use

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