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    Well, I just noticed that there have been several PP transactions on my debit card appearing on my bank statement for the past few days.

    When I log into PP, there are no transactions showing for the past month!

    Contacted customer service via email form, which doesn't cover all the possible options, then next day phoned their customer service. Not sure where it is based but the operator did not sound like a native English speaker which pi@@ed me of no end and caused further problems.

    I have now been asked to send documents to Nebraska, in order to get a refund...yeah right!

    Meanwhile my bank account has been stung, via my debit card, for over 500 of internet shopping on this side of the pond. HSBCs fraud department are investigating.

    I have informed them that I believe my details were stolen by a PP employee -their reply being "we cannot possibly comment, Sir...".

    Meanwhile, my bank informed me that there are other debit card transactions pending - including PP - that I did not make and cannot stop. The bank said they can only act if I report the fraud after it has been completed. Needless to say I have nuked my debit card and emptied my current account!


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    Default PayPal

    Who cares about PayPal. PayPal is just another payment gateway. There hundreds of payment gateways like PayPal with much better service.
    Problem is that they hold all the personal information
    We have to fight to force them to remove all the personal information
    I can not do it myself I need more input and people to join



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