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Thread: Ebay seller accounts!! ORIGINAL AND CHEAPER! START SELLING

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    ppandebayaccounts Guest

    Thumbs up Ebay seller accounts!! ORIGINAL AND CHEAPER! START SELLING

    Ebay Seller accounts

    I`m selling some ebay accounts, don`t be scammed with people who are selling "hacked" ebay accounts, cause you will banned just after log in!!
    I will give you ORIGINAL accounts, created by me!! All of this accounts are credit card verified, phone verified, and at least 30 days older!!

    You will receive also a PAYPAL verified account linked to that ebay account with no other charges!!

    I will clear any doubt you have, just contact me at my email
    [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] or send me PM!!
    And i will answer right away!!

    Oliver Stam

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    paulguichard Guest

    Default All GOOD!!

    Great Seller!! All works fine!! Greetings from France!!

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    larry2010 Guest

    Default Trusted!!

    Well, just thank you!! Now i can start selling again!! trusted seller!!

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    hon519 Guest


    Funny this guy just joined and the "buyers" all joined at the same time and had time to buy and leave feedback. The generic seller name doesn't make this suspicious at all either.

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