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Thread: 205 Feedback, 100% Positive, registered February 2006

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    Default 205 Feedback, 100% Positive, registered February 2006

    For Sale: It does NOT come with a PayPal account. I will accept a Western Union/USPS Money Order or AlertPay ONLY for payment. Once I receive your payment, I will change the Password & Username to whatever you desire. My EBay account is SiskaVonW, registered February 2006. Let me know ASAP as I have others interested parties.

    How do these EBay account sale transactions usually work? I'm selling my EBay account because I hate PayPal and I can use my son's account if I need to sell anything on EBay. So far, all interested parties want to pay me with PayPal which makes little sense when the ad is listed here, on [url][/url]. I will accept a Money Order only as a Money Order = Can't Get Screwed (Again) By PayPal.

    Why is this so hard to understand for potential buyers of my EBay account? Unlike PayPal, I can be trusted. My EBay account is almost 5 years old, has 205 Feedback, all 100% Positive and 50 of those Feedback are for sales. Obviously, I can be trusted.

    [email][/email] if you want to purchase my EBay account. Price is $175. Thanks.
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