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Thread: Fraudulant Transacation, money still taken from bank

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    4dnightmare Guest

    Angry Fraudulant Transacation, money still taken from bank

    So Paypal called me two days ago regarding a suspicious charge of $1900 to Hewlitt Packard. I was so glad they did, because it turned out that someone had hacked into my account (that's never happened to me in any way) and it was a bogus charge. They told me they were stopping it immediately and I was impressed.

    Today my bank calls me and I'm hundreds of dollars IN THE HOLE! Paypal STILL TOOK THE MONEY OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT! I called them and they said not to worry because it will go back in 3-5 business days. Great. I called my bank and let them know and at least they told me that any overdraft charges - and they will be numerous - will be reversed in the end. But it's Friday, I have no money, I have no access to my money, I have prescriptions to pick up for my son, I have no gas to put in my car - unbelievable. How could they still allow the money to be removed after it was determined that it was not a valid charge????

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    EugeneE Guest



    That really sucks. Since Paypal knows that it was a fraudulent charge, they should give your money back.

    Paypal along with Ebay are really going down faster than an avalanche.

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    MrDel Guest


    I have a post with a complaint to the Better buisness bueru posted on here. at first it was a link but it didnt pull up the info. So I copy and pasted it to my post. I suggest you take the same steps but you may end up with the same result as myself. Also file a complaint with the FTC. The FTC usualy does not take any action unless the same complaint keeps popping up. The more these complaints get made the more likely action will be taken against the company. Everyone needs to file thier complaints with both The BBB [url][/url] and the FTC [url][/url] to get some sort of action going. In the long run it may not benifit you as an individual but will scar the company and cause it to have low ratings. Simply venting will not resolve anything. We need the big dogs involved.


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    MrDel Guest


    Yes Paypal is highly hackable. It is not hard to find out how to do it. I will not even attempt it. I dont need that amount of trouble on my head. So not only is it important to warn of the tings going on it also important to warn that it is highly hackable. Paypal is in no way as secure as they claim. Thier anti-hack devolopments are quickly beaten.


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    tjkidus1 Guest


    problem is, when you file a complaint with the BBB against paypal or ebay, they of course notify paypal or ebay of the complaint and ALWAYS find some legal jargin in there terms of service that protects them, they send BBB a copy of there terms of service and BAM, BBB dismisses it!

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    scottoworn Guest

    Default Ebay and Paypal are very unsecure!

    In 2005, my Ebay and Paypal accounts were both hacked and an unauthorised transaction was in the process of taking place directly from my bank account. I recieved an email telling me that I had bought an item from a person named Rickey Williams for the amount of 724.99 USD.

    My account was obviously hacked, so I called Paypal and got through but they told me that there was nothing that they could do, and to contact my credit card company. Problem was that I had my Visa debit card linked to my account, and thats not handled the same as a credit card.

    I went to my bank, and they also said that they could do nothing, even though the charge had not gone through yet-it was pending!

    Visa would not do anything either.

    I then contacted the FBI Internet Fraud Department and the ball started rolling and fast! I emailed this Ricky williams and told him about the FBI and he acted like he had no idea about it and said he was sorry! HA! Of course!
    Only after I got the FBI involved did Paypal do anything-they froze the funds before Ricky Williams recieved them and sent them back to my bank, plus another $40.00, which I did not return of course! This whole process took 10 days and got me behind on some bills so the extra $40.00 didn't even pay for the hassle.

    Ricky Williams is associated with a company called Rickey-Torento Design & Connection Co. Beware of them! The are a fraud!

    NEVER link a bank account with Paypal ever! Only use a credit card if you must use them, better yet, never use Paypal!

    Paypal just sucks!


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