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Thread: PayPal Policy Allows Fraud!

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    Default PayPal Policy Allows Fraud!


    I recently sold a computer on eBay as collection only. The buyer collected the computer from my home on the same day that he paid for it using PayPal. A couple of days later he applied for and got a refund stating that he had not received the goods! I now have a negative balance in PayPal, their customer support people were useless sorting anything out or even understanding the problem and the buyer (it looks like he is a dodgy character who has done this before) has a free computer which I'm certain he has resold. The police will not investigate because on paper it looks like he has paid for the item and they said that my dispute is with PayPal. When responding to his "non receipt" claim I was only offered the option of putting a tracking number in on PayPal's website. How can you have a tracking number for something that was collected? What would happen to a majority of people who sell things and post them through the normal UK post. No tracking numbers there. I also think that PayPal people didn't even look at the case, I got a reminder at 10:30 and the case was resolved by 10:40 on the same day!

    I hope someone has some advice on what I can do next. It's no necesarily the money involved but the principle. I don't want the buyer to get away with deliberately ripping me off and I don;t want PayPal to get away with allowing him to do it and maybe having the option to keep doing it.


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    Default Sue him..

    I was sorry to read your story. I'm waiting for a reply to my own claim just now, going through the UK Financial Ombudsman.

    If you have emails from your buyer, arranging to come and collect, these would serve as evidence and you could just sue him in the Small Claims Court for the amount you've lost.

    Hope this helps.


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