Ok my friend uses paypal for his online business, I told him not to do it but he insisted and got the dreaded paypal robot letter of "Account Limitation". I told him I wasn't going to tell him that I told him so, but couldn't resist it, we actually had to laugh about it most of the day, we even went out and celebrated his dis-attachment from payscum finally. lol

He was selling custom made signs on Feebay and was making some good money for a while doing it. He has is own machines so he was able to do it for low cost to the customers. Payfoul dropped him after he started making good money, they first sent him a letter asking him for his contacts, and the companies he buys from, and he tried to tell them over many conversations that he was producing the products in his home. They lifted the limitation on his account then about a month later then sent him the final limitation letter stating that his account has been limited for suspicious behavior. He couldn't believe what he was reading.

He sold a product that was not being sold by anyone else. His price points were under $100 for each transaction, he had nothing but good feedback from all his customers and payfraud still got him. I told him to visit paypalblows.org to read up on some of the complaints people were having and to also visit paypalsucks.com as well. After he did so he called me laughing. We all think payscrew is a fraud and they are trying to weed out the small sellers from their system. How can a company operate like this and continue to make money?

I told him to go ahead and get a merchant account from Moneris and he did and now he's putting up his own website and can accept credit cards and get directly paid with no middle man such as PAYpals.