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Thread: should I give PayPal copy of my ID

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    Default should I give PayPal copy of my ID

    I saw it many times that they asked for copies of ID and closing the account next day.

    They limited my account after 3 years of business, I filed complain with BBB it resulted PayPal calling me and letting to withdraw my money after 4 weeks. But the accounts stays limited.

    I opened second fake account (faker name etc) they limited it right away after first sale after I connected it to the same ebay account. I was surprised that after 6 months let let me to have my $200 I had on it. But the second account is still limited, maybe I can make them fake ID using photoshop and see what happens.

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    Sending an ID isn't really necessary, it just depends on how badly you want the account back.

    Since you said it is fake details, providing an ID could be risky. Even photoshopping it might not work as PayPal is very strict on the quality and authenticity of the documents.

    But it is always worth a shot. Worse that could happen is that you get a permanent limitation and no appeal.

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    There is potential to get the account back but if you do photoshop, you will need to have the documents as authentic as they can be. PayPal has been super strict on the quality of documents lately. They can reject them and put your limitation status as a permanent one to which you will need to wait 45-180 days to get access to any funds you have.

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    Do not send them anything. The only reason why they want that information is to use against you if you either open up another account, if you owe them any money to send a collection agency after you. They ask for this information because the want to know exact where you are so they can hound you with collection agencies and never ending phone calls.

    Why would they need your license or other personal information if you already had an open account (they approved you without this information) so why would they need it otherwise. Its not to prove your identify, because their so called methods were already completed when you opened the account. Once an account is limited it stays limited. They gather this information so they can both send a collection agency after you if need be, or they will cross reference that information if you try to open another account. If they limit the other account they will ask for the same information and compare it with others you sent them.


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