Dear Financial Ombudsman, [ ]

Please find my complaint re: Paypal, as below, which is selfexplanatory.

This comment has just been put on online sites relavent to Paypal regarding their appalling behaviour and failure to comply with the contract made when users have joined Paypal:

"​Once again Paypal lets its users down again - by not allowing myself to log in, and then when I follow their convoluted instructions on how to reset my password in order to verify my account and log in, the promised phone call never comes, by which I can verify my account and log in. This situation of not being able to log in, nor receive a phone call to my landline to verify my paypal account, has been ongoing for weeks now, if not months, despite my phone calls to Paypal informing them time and time again of this particular error of not calling my landline to confirm my Paypal account and this failure to keep the contact I made with them when joining them. They always assure me that the problem of not receiving the promised call is fixed, but it never is. This lie is now a regular feature whenever one tries to sort the problem out when calling them - that in itself is a ridiculously time-consuming affair, seemingly a form of punishment inflicted upon anyone who tries to contact them by phone. The empty promises told each time one finally gets through to a live [?] human about the problem is boring and predictable, and also meaningless as the problem never goes away, and has lasted months in my case.

Paypal are nothing more tan a tin-pot firm who charge exorbitant fees for doing precious little, and are in collusion with Ebay, who - although they say Paypal is now a separate company from them and is not owned by them - are still so actively involved in 99% of all Ebay transactions. It is truly disgraceful how they say the companies have seperated, but we know that even more money is scalped from users by this dubious newer collusion between these 2 dubious companies, with nothing gained by the consumer of either "firm".

Paypal are a leech eating their way into the side of society, and their God is money, and profit, who seem to put up deliberate blocks in front of users who have complained about their irregularities before, as I have had to do when being let down so many times regarding not being able to log in, for example. The more one complains or uses sites such as the one I'm using here - the more your dealings with Paypal and everyone one is trying to pay is disrupted, negatively. At first I never complained about their irregularities, but now, after 10 years of it, things are so chronic I have no choice. IT IS TRULY DISGUSTING HOW THEY GET AWAY WITH THINGS, IN THE GUISE OF "LOOKING AFTER PEOPLE'S ACCOUNTS". We know that's bs as much as they do. They are active criminals the way they act by denying their users the funds they have trusted Paypal with, and their non-compliance with their own contract made often disrupts the lives of their users by denying them the service they promise when it is most needed.​ Remember every second Paypal hold on to ones cash, profit is earnt by them, so if one is delayed from getting into one's account for 24 hours, Paypal have earnt 24-hours-worth of profit, to my demise, as I am unable to pay someone who is waiting to be paid. This scam of not allowing one access to one's own cash is a public scandal, yet nothing is ever done about it.

I always tell people to avoid Paypal like the plague - they are a greedy tinpot company who misuse everything they can in order to get astronomical profits.

This monopoly over people's money should be stopped, as Ebay put vague clauses into every sale on Ebay making the sale more difficult if Paypal isn't used - a scam in itself. It is disgraceful how they act.

J. Graham 18/12/2016" UK