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Thread: PayPal Permanently Limited? What Are My Options?

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    Default PayPal Permanently Limited? What Are My Options?

    Hi Guys ,

    I run an ebay store , not very big.
    I only had about 100 items ... My ebay account is 100% positive.

    I am very meticulous with customer service and fast turn around.

    Anyways ....

    Earlier this month I received an email from paypal stating they have limited my account.
    They requested a few surveys to be filled out and ID confirmation.

    I found this odd , because I have a fully verified account and have never had a problem.
    Never the less , I filled out their surveys and confirmed my address etc etc.. all with 24 hours
    of the email.

    My paypal account is frozen - meaning I can't accept money or withdraw money.
    Therefore I had to put my ebay account into holiday settings as i could not accept any payments.

    As ebay require 1 form of safe electronic payment with all listings.

    I have been calling paypal and the staff i talk to on the phone check my account and check the information i have supplied to them.. They say its all fine and they will submit a urgent ticket for someone to look at my account.

    I get the same thing every time Iv called them.

    First they told me 5 working days , then another week , then 3 days , and nothing happens...

    I have to admit - This has really scared me , rattled me. I mean putting your trust in paypal and using them exclusively for your online business - and then they freeze your account without even calling you !!!

    I explained all this and my concerns and guess what the last rep advised me ?
    He suggested I look for a an alternative solution to paypal !!!!!

    I dont know what the hell is going on...

    So after waiting a few weeks in the hope they will fix my account , I have started researching alternatives and just signed up for Paymate.

    Paymate seems to be the best alternative atm and does not even require the buyers to have a paymate account. Seems quick and easy.

    I have just starting re-listing all my items Paypal free ...

    Im sure it will effect my account (negatively) of not having paypal as a payment option..

    So payment options atm is

    Credit cards via Paymate
    Bank deposit / Netbank transfers
    Bank cheques / money orders

    I have absolutely no idea how long paypal will keep my account limited ,
    I have about $1400 in the account.

    I thought paypal was a trusted company - Now Im thinking they are a mafia or are themselves

    I mean seriously ? I requested for them to put me through to someone who can help me resolve this , or even tell me why my account is limited , etc etc etc .... Useless replies and no help at all.

    I even asked to get a US phone number so I can call them directly in the US and they said no.

    Im Sorry if I ranted too much , Just thought id share whats happening to me with paypal and hopefully get some advice from the whirlpool forum community.



    BTW - They limited my wifes account as well , and all she uses her paypal account is to buy knitting stuff like flowers and little things... (unbelievable).

    I have been limited permanently by PayPal for unusual account activity just recently. Considering it is PayPal, they never tell you the exact reason why they limit me. I tried calling them, but they kept giving me the run around and stating unusual activity when in fact nothing of my transactions or activity differed at all.

    Now my question is, is it possible to ever use PayPal again? Has anyone got a permanently limited PayPal reinstated?
    Has anyone been able to create a new account without being limited?

    I mean I found this: [url=]Ebay & PayPal Incognito Stealth eBook PDF[/url] and it says you can create a new account, but am afraid if I get caught, I am stuck in the same position.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You can get back on, you are not banned for good. As long as you follow information in the guide in conjunction with the information on the Aspkin forums, you shouldn't have too many issues.

    PayPal's policies tend to change quick, so what works now may not work tomorrow.

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    giving paypal your sensitive private information is a high risk you might be victim of identity theft later.

    freezing account is a cash grab for paypal (for the guy who owns it) and they do this all the time and hold large sums at offshore accounts.


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