2 months ago I bought what I thought was an american made item from ebay. It's a motorcycle jacket that said it was a Dainese brand. It arrived in a chinese shipped bag. I verified it as a counterfeit, and ebay wouldn't do anything because "it was past their 30 days" which it conveniently had taken longer than to arrive.

So now I'm trying to get a refund from paypal. Heh. I've called three times and it's always the same. "give us 3 days to hear back from the seller and if we don't you will get your full refund". 3 days goes by and they update that I have to ship to a fake address that's in Israel. I call again. Same thing. I ask for a manager: "just ship the item, once we recieve that it either arrived or has a 'failed to be delivered' we know you made a good faith effort and will refund you money".

Now, fool me once...yada yada... seriously, I feel that if I ship the item I will lose my "evidence" of counterfeit, and any hope of a refund. The seller provided a fake address, that literally I can't ship to.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.