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Thread: Another chargeback.

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    Default Another chargeback.

    I get a phone call from Paypal one day asking me when am I gonna pay the 330.00 chargeback I knew nothing about. Two weeks prior It seems I sold a retro blender which was nos, had a video of it working and was nothing wrong with it. I gave her a good feedback because she paid real quick. She didn't try and contact me through Ebay, she reported directly to Paypal and never once contacted me. She lied and said the commercial malt blender didn't work when she received it. PayPal sends her money back to her and I'm left with nothing, no returned blender but I did keep the money. So you guessed it, locked out of PayPal. Once a person opens a dispute with PayPal, Ebay is out of it. It states in ebays user agreements that you must first contact the seller and clearly that isn't true, PayPal said this isn't the first time she's done this.

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    First off, if its a chargeback then PayPal must comply to Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex chargeback regulations. That means if the chargeback was for not as described, then no refund is given to the buyer until the productt is returned back to the seller.

    When she asks when they are going to get their $330 back, you immediately say, the second PayPal gets my blender back from the buyer that you screwed me over in the exact condition I sent it. The second you say that, PayPal will shut up because they know whats what they had to do.

    Second, you can state, what did PayPal do to fight the chargeback and demand the documentation they submitted. You can also demand the letter from the buyer's credit card company that so called said the buyer won. Since PayPal charged the buyer's credit card, they are legally responsible for the debt not you.

    The fact that the buyer has the product, you have documentation which clearly shows that PayPal gave the product to the buyer along with the funds, you can file a complaint with the SEC and the FTC. Tell them your filing those complaints as well.

    Fact is you owe nothing because you contracted with PayPal for a fee of 2.9% + .30 for the transaction, they were to handle the funds transfer from the buyer to you. The buyer knew how PayPal operated and knew there was a good chance of you the seller being screwed by both the buyer and PayPal. The second PayPal sees the purchase was made with a credit card from the buyer, you as the seller are immediately screwed for whatever bullshit reason they give. They are screwing you over to protect themselves fraudulently. You are in no way legally required to give PayPal anything, the tangable goods was worth the cost of $330 and you have that collateral in your possession. Again you are under no legal obligation whatsoever to give PayPal anything until PayPal makes the buyer return the product in its original condition to you. The fact that the buyer is in possession of both the funds and the product, you can easily file mail order fraud charges against the buyer and tell the buyer they will have charges filed against them. Also place them on [url][/url] the buyer's name address etc will appear on every single search engine.

    Make sure you know your rights from the Consumer Protection Act of 1978, just incase they try to pull some bullshit with sending you to a collection agency and tell them your reporting this to Visa and MasterCard for fraud. Because in a chargeback, PayPal must comply with their regulations, regardless of what is in their worthless user agreement.
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