I get a phone call from Paypal one day asking me when am I gonna pay the 330.00 chargeback I knew nothing about. Two weeks prior It seems I sold a retro blender which was nos, had a video of it working and was nothing wrong with it. I gave her a good feedback because she paid real quick. She didn't try and contact me through Ebay, she reported directly to Paypal and never once contacted me. She lied and said the commercial malt blender didn't work when she received it. PayPal sends her money back to her and I'm left with nothing, no returned blender but I did keep the money. So you guessed it, locked out of PayPal. Once a person opens a dispute with PayPal, Ebay is out of it. It states in ebays user agreements that you must first contact the seller and clearly that isn't true, PayPal said this isn't the first time she's done this.