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Thread: Out of limitaion limbo

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    Default Out of limitaion limbo

    I just spent a few weeks in limitation limbo but after reading all these posts I feel positively giddy about my situation because for the moment at least, I am able to use my account. My limitation began bc I had an account from back when ppal first started and after using for a couple years I got a chargeback from a deceitful lying b*tch on eBay which resulted in a negative balance. Over the last decade or so I have opened new accounts so I could buy and sell on eBay but always ended up being frozen or limited bc ppal would tie in my ss# from the first account. I always just said "oh well" and moved on until the next time I needed to use ppal. Well this time they had me. I had over $1400 in my account from sales and they were using their ubiquitous "new seller hold" on my funds. After two weeks I had $260 become available and raced to the grocery store only to have my ppal debit card be declined. A call to this rancid pile of pig poop company divulged yet another limitation bc my account had been found to be "associated" with others. Nothing to do but pay up this time. I wasn't letting them keep my money. I paid the chargeback from the past and got my limitation lifted. Hated to do it, but hated letting them keep my money more.

    Reading some of these made me laugh my behind off. The vitriol being spewed is so richly deserved by this whoring c*** of a company. I wish someone would come up with an anti-paypal option and put them out of business. I also wish they and eBay would get gangrene and....well you can guess the rest.

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    Could laugh back at you for you to think for a split second everything is back to normal. The fact is its not, its just a matter of time, that PayPal limits your account again. Your already flagged for a limitation, there is no guarantee that your account isnt going to get limited again because it is. Your living day by day thats all because they pull their crap again.

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    Nana,PayPal-Terminator is exactly right. That is exactly what happened to me.
    PayPal lifted the limits and 5 days later they were telling me they had permanently
    limited my Business Account.Due to them accusing me with no actual truth to back
    them up. They never sent a warning or an explanation. My best advice to you, is to remove those funds asap,remove all your bank info,credit cards, etc.Then close the account! I wish I had done this,I would not be permanently limited today. Would have had my funds removed and account closed after the 1st temporary limits on the account.Transferred funds to another payment processor. And I have realized life goes on
    without PayPal!



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