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Thread: Question about new account

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    Default Question about new account

    since paypal did chargeback I canceled my previous card and got a new one.

    Will I be able to make a new paypal account and use it with my new debit card?


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    make sure all the information doesn't match anything they have on file. That means even the computer, the internet connection your using. If you using your cable modem, get a new one. If your using your computer, switch to you cell phone.

    Every single piece of information has to be different that they dont have. Make sure the IP address of your model is different and use a program like CCleaner to whipe everything clean from your computer. Dont ship anything to the address they have on file, place anything. Get a PO Box and use the physical address. Get a gift card that you can enter a physical bllable address and use that. otherwise you can easily get back on provided you change everything.


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