I'm just wondering which email address in particular seem to solicit a response from paypal proper?

My issue is... currently a two part trainwreck.

First issue, I have an amount of money sitting in pending, and after repeatedly going through paypal's webform, their customer service has done fuck all to undo the pending transaction. It's still pending because I apparently bought into an ebay auction that ebay had learned was a scam, they cancelled the auction/buy-it-now, which is why I cannot dispute it via ebay. And when I try to go the dispute route via paypal, I get a message about ebay prohibiting the dispute.

Second issue, getting bold-face fucked via interest that shouldn't have been charged. I've been using paypal credit for a few months, only because they... claimed... they would defer interest. And initially, interest was deferred, but now when I look at my early transactions, there's a fuckin' interest rate in their info that was not there when I initially used paypal credit. I've been paying more than their minimum deferral-interest payment damn near every month, but in spite of this, they've still been charging interest to my paypal credit account.

I've dumped both issues into paypal's webform, separately and together, four or five times now, and all I ever end up with is a CS-rep dumping some copy and paste on the situation and zero semblance of a resolution. Which is why I need to know which email addresses are guaranteed to get a response, albeit a resolution.

Thanks for your time all.

- DM