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Thread: Wanted to close a limited account without subbmit gov i.d

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    Angry Wanted to close a limited account without subbmit gov i.d

    Long story short I've been using PayPal since 2008, and everything was great until someone got access to my account and some how did purchases on Ebay up to $500 (was actually in Euros since is was fraudulent). After all the fighting back and forth with PayPal they limited/froze my account. All I want to do now is close my limited account (completely gone) without uploading my drivers licenses and last billing statement + address. After all the crap I've been through the last few months fighting them, I just want a way to close this *amn account. Is that even possible to close a limited account without providing all that personal information to a company I can no longer trust? I appreciate any help given. Many thanks.

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    Dont submit any information, your a buyer so just walk away from it. PayPal doesnt care if your account was fraudulently used, PayPal was out the money and they are looking for anyone to blame and steal money to cover their losses. You do not need to submit any information to them, they will not remove the limit. They use that information to confirm who you are and where you live, so they can send a collection agency after you and put things on your credit report. Never give PayPal any personal information such as drivers license, utility bill or Social security number, they will not release the funds, they just want aboslute positivity to where to send collections.


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