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    Im only 15 and located in the USA, I have a little less than $270 in negative balance because the buyer filed a return even though I said no returns, he said "item was dirty" I showed paypal it wasnt dirty and they still gave me a negative balace, I went to my bank and closed all my accounts associated with Paypal, and got an email saying pay immediately or an "outside collection agency" will get involved, I cant afford this I dont have a job, please help me what should I do.

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    First off your 15, so they cant do anything. Second, PayPal will never go into your bank account because they know they'd get sued if they did. They will try to make you do the transfer. If they go into your bank account you can simply dispute the transaction as non authorized.

    Delete the email and forget about it. They will not go after a minor for the debt owed because its illegal. Make sure you don't give them any information such as your social security number, phone bill, etc. They will just use it to send the collection agency towards that information.

    PayPal was the one's that legally charged that buyer's credit card and they are the ones that are legally responsible for the charge back. Make sure you have pictures of what the item was at the time you had it prior to shipment, make sure you have the actual advertisement, which describes the product. Provided documented evidence that you shipped the product to the confirmed address they gave you, and there is proof of delivery. That establishes the proof that you received funds, shipped the product, the buyer got it, and that's that.

    If they still pull their bullshit, tell since your asking for debt not owed to you, provide documented evidence on how Paypal faught the claims of the buyer. Realistically they didnt do jack shit about anything. If they still pull their bullshit then tell them your going right to the SEC and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and make it clear you tell them they are violating the consumer protection act of 1978. Tell them your going to file a complaint with the SEC and FTC and tell them they are harrassing a minor.

    Then facebook and youtube your experience and send them the link. They will mysteriously disappear over harrassing a minor.

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