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Thread: Should I pick up a returned item from the post office?

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    Default Should I pick up a returned item from the post office?

    I had a buyer file a dispute that went his way. I had already moved the money from pp to linked checking account and moved it from there also before dispute was filed. I have closed the linked checking account and my pp account is in the negative. The buyer has sent item back to me and a notice was left by postal carrier. I do not plan on refunding either the buyer or pp, they decided to refund the buyer not me so they can pay the buyer.

    Question: Should I pick up the item from post office or will that legally oblige me in some way?

    Thanks for any insight.

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    You can pickup the item or not it doesnt matter. As for PayPal screw em. They are the ones that charged the buyer's account and they are the ones that are legally responsible for the charge. Dont help them in anyway. If they send a collection agency after you, just do a proof of debt owed, they have to get the tracking from the buyer and they have to prove you have the product back. Its not your problem, its PayPal. They screwed you, so screw em back!


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