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Thread: PP stole our money

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    Default PP stole our money

    My friend sold an item on ebay and he run into some problems and asked me to help him since i have a bit more knowledge about Paypal and ebay (or so i thought).

    The buyer contacted "us" 7 days after he received the item and said it was broken.
    He sent a couple of pictures showing the damage which is clearly a damage that has happened when the item got dropped, and if it happened in the shipping the box would most likely have some damage (which it had not), and the item was packed very good so it has not happened in the shipping.
    And why wait 7 days to contact us after he received the item?

    Anyway, since the buyer claims he received it broken and since we know the item was perfectly fine when my friend shipped it it must if the buyer has told the truth mean that it has happened in the shipping (which it has not most likely).
    But anyway, so we make a complaint to our shipping company to ask for compensation and we got the answer that the receiver needs to send some photos showing specific things, we contacted the buyer and he sent the wrong type of pictures three times. We also told the buyer that he needs to do a complaint to his shipping company since his shipping company obviously wants to see the damage (thats common sense to make a complaint if you receive a broken item in shipping).
    And that was also a requirement from our shipping company that he makes a complaint to his shipping company.
    After some time we get the answer from our shipping company that they will not pay any compensation since the buyer /receiver of the item has not made a complaint to his shipping company (and he still havenīt done that after 40 days).

    So Paypal did what i heard so many times on the net, namely they gave the buyer right and he suppose to ship the item back to my friend.
    This means that he have now lost all the money and will receive a broken item back.

    We submitted evidence to Paypal in form of photos showing the item before shipping in perfect condition, but also a copy of the email conversation were the shipping company says that they will not pay compensation because the buyer has not made a complaint to his shipping company.

    But Paypal didnt care a bit about that the buyer had not co-operated so that we could get compensation from the shipping company.
    The buyer didnt make a complaint even though we asked him to and he did not send the correct photos that the shipping company required.

    So how can Paypal not require that the buyer co-operates so that the seller can get compensation from his shipping company, if what the buyer says is true, namely that he didnt broke it himself?
    Paypal states themselves that if an item is broken in shipping the seller needs to get compensation from the shipping company, but how can the seller get compensation from his shipping company if Paypal doesnīt even require the buyer to co-operate and fulfill the requirements of the shipping company?

    I mean isnt there something called a seller protection and not only a buyer protection?
    This type of behavior is dangerous to the seller if the buyer is automatically allowed to return items and are then not even required to co-operate so that the seller can get compensation.
    My friend have never had a case opened against him and have been a loyal Paypal customer for years, and this is how they thank him.

    If Paypal has these protections for both sellers and buyers why donīt Paypal take the loss and give both the seller and buyer their money back, im pretty sure they can afford it they being a multi billion dollar company. That way they should show their customers that they care about them and are villing to take a loss themselves in order to have happy customers and to keep their customers which makes them earn more money in the long run.
    But i guess they donīt care if they lose some customers here and there, they got plenty to go around.

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    Listen PayPal has 250 mln users, the did 3% on the transaction they have to share with credit company. In most cases they decide in favor of buyer because it is almost impossible to proved what really happened.

    I had a few times people making fraudulent claims and PayPal refunded the money. I treaded it as a cost of doing business and moved on.


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