Last Wednesday PayPal permanently limited by business account with a bogus reason of "high risk." I just signed up for the account in July. I've put in countless hours researching and contacting higher ups at PayPal to not avail. My account has a balance of over $4000 and they refuse to let me withdraw any of it for 180 days. I sent email after email to PayPal CEO and other executives. I've been in contact with Executive Resolutions, and the best they can do is lower the limit to 60 days but that is contingent on not receiving any disputes or chargebacks, which is not logical. I need this money to survive. I tried being a suck up and a total bitch, but neither worked. I tried to reason with them and told them I would keep $1000 in the balance just in case any disputes do happen, and still they refuse to budge.

I contacted the money transmitter service in my state for help, but not sure if they will be able to get anywhere.

I've contacted a lawyer and she said I'm basically screwed since I agreed to the 180 day hold in the terms of use when I made my account.

Please help me! How do I get my money?