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Thread: Urgent help! Paypal banned me and has my funds!

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    Default Urgent help! Paypal banned me and has my funds!

    Last Wednesday PayPal permanently limited by business account with a bogus reason of "high risk." I just signed up for the account in July. I've put in countless hours researching and contacting higher ups at PayPal to not avail. My account has a balance of over $4000 and they refuse to let me withdraw any of it for 180 days. I sent email after email to PayPal CEO and other executives. I've been in contact with Executive Resolutions, and the best they can do is lower the limit to 60 days but that is contingent on not receiving any disputes or chargebacks, which is not logical. I need this money to survive. I tried being a suck up and a total bitch, but neither worked. I tried to reason with them and told them I would keep $1000 in the balance just in case any disputes do happen, and still they refuse to budge.

    I contacted the money transmitter service in my state for help, but not sure if they will be able to get anywhere.

    I've contacted a lawyer and she said I'm basically screwed since I agreed to the 180 day hold in the terms of use when I made my account.

    Please help me! How do I get my money?

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    payapl is a ponzi scam, what do you think they make with those millions frozen

    most of the money might be on paypal CEO private offshore account.

    they do not make too much on transaction fees, they charge you 3% which they have to split with credit card

    if you had like $100 000 in sales, their profit might be like $1500.

    they only way for them is to steel money by freezing accounts and hoping they can keep it

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    First off, your so called lawyer is a moron. Clicking on a user agreement online is not a legal agreement. The fact that an agreement, they have that it was you that completed the form. An agreement must have your legal signature on it, whether digital or in paper form.

    The problem is that you had $4000 in the account and someone at PayPal said, hmm $4000 lets limit you. The one thing is WHY DID YOU LEAVE YOUR FUNDS IN THE PAYPAL ACCOUNT! That money should of been withdrawn immediately, so thats your own fault. If they were in the middle of transfering, then you got nailed for trying to withdrawal the whole thing all in one shot. $2000 of withdrawals in a 48 hour period, your going to get nailed. You should of slowly withdrawn the funds.

    The only thing you can do right now is wait the 60 days and make sure you have a written statement from PayPal or recorded the phone conversation having PayPal tell you about the 60 day.

    Walk away from the account dont allow any more transactions into the account so that you dont run the risk of getting disputes or anything else. After the 60 days, the assholes will prob. only let you withdrawal a part amount of the $4k but get it out immediately in small amounts. Whever is left over sue them.


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