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Thread: New to paypal and now Confused?

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    Default New to paypal and now Confused?

    I recently opened my paypal. got verified. got debit card. all is well.

    I have 5 positive feedback on ebay so I expected the 21 day delay or until product delivered no complaints etc. no big deal.

    I came across a deal on some industrial control equipment that after fees would net me close to a 15% profit which is good deal considering I DO NOT have a mercahnts license or business license. I put a couple on ebay and 1 sold. The guy who bought it, asked me to contact him away from ebay which I did and basically we began to go back and forth on what I had to sell and how much he would pay simply through paypal invoices. Sounded good too me less fees more profit..

    Long story short, I made a around 20,000 thru the transactions (which in the end barely covered what I put in) I shipped all the items guy has no complaints that I know of and life moves on.

    I transferred majority of funds to my bank and have roughly 2500 still in paypal.

    2 days ago I get the frozen account and frozen debit card until I provide invoices/receipts for the items I sold and details of what I sold. I don't get it ????

    I was not expecting to need this info and it will be tough to get.

    My question is what is paypal going to do? Are they going to just keep the money? Investigate further what?

    Does paypal just randomly ask for this info when money starts to really change hands? They also made sure that I knew my credit score which has NOTHING to do with me trying to sell this stuff. I do not get it...

    Also what can I tell paypal to either unfreeze the account or move forward? I pretty much broke even and if they keep whats left its a loss. But I really just want to move on either way just want to know whats going to happen? Thanks in advance !!!

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    listen the problem is if the guy puts a chargeback then paypal wants to protect their money because visa can charge paypal for the 20K, then paypal goes after you to recover the money. if they cannot recover money from you then they have to write off 20k

    you do not do big transactions on paypal out of the blue. in most cases like this they freeze your account.


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