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Thread: Can " This limitation can not be appealed" appealed?

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    Default Can " This limitation can not be appealed" appealed?

    Has anyone had this limitation can not be appealed" fixed after this happened.
    I did everything they asked for, even after completing all steps legitimately, they permanently limited my account. Can I appeal this some how or just start new account?

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    depends what you did. I have my account limited but after complains and complains I had my funds released but the account is still limited and I do not care about it anymore as long as they let me have my money.

    I did not really break their policy as some idiot at PayPal said, probably if I appeal again and again higher they would let me use my account again but I do not care about PayPal anymore.

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    Email [email][/email]

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    No once your limited you stay limited. PayPal is a private company and they can do anything they want, including decided they dont want to do business with you. If you open another account without changing EVERY single thing you do, you'll get nailed again. Company's can refuse to do business with anyone for whatever reason they want.

    The only reason why they asked for information, is to make sure they know where you live, so they can send a collection agency after you and put something on your credit report if you hand over your SS# (NEVER).

    There are ways to get back onto PayPal provided you dont do anything illegal or sneaky. But when PayPal says your limited, they are saying "get the fxck out of our site".

    There are plenty of over payment services out there that are becoming popular because of what PayPal is doing. Again provided you are doing things legally.


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