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Thread: Big business kick the small guy

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    Angry Big business kick the small guy

    Hey all,

    I despise PayPal! I can't believe they have the rite to do what ever they want!

    My last 3 accounts have been limited again and appeal denied so they closed my account with my money $980 on 180 day hold.. It seems like they are catering to the big companies. They won't even tell me why I'm limited.
    I'm so pissed because this last account was legit. Using all my sisters info. I even faxed her license, cc/bank statements. I was selling clothes and all under $100 a piece.

    I know you guys say don't use friends & realitives but she didn't mind and I thought I would pass when my account got limited because I had all Id. I just moved so had new cable and address.
    I can't figure out what I did wrong?
    Does everybody get limited? Do you think I should get a new iPad.

    I think they know my pc even though I 'cleaned' it as you say.

    I ready to throw the towel in and give up opening another sucks doing all that work and getting booted

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    Try emailing [email][/email]. This is supposedly their team that handles issues like this. It did not work for me, but it does work for some.

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    Once an account gets limited it stays limited. Even when you get the limitation lifted, your still under the microscope. The thing is PayPal promotes buyers to deliberately file disputes against sellers. If you ever call PayPal you'll hear the messages while waiting every 3 minutes they are telling buyers to file disputes against sellers. And then they put the blame on the sellers. Paypal will make every single excuse saying

    "oh its the industry standard" - bullshit lie.
    "oh we have to protect ourselves you can understand" - oh we will screw over anyone we can including you!

    1. never ship anything out until you get the funds in your bank account. let any looses from buyer bs be PayPal's problem not yours.
    2. ship only to a confirmed address with tracking.
    3. never accept large amounts as payments from PayPal.
    4. never keep any money in your PayPal account, move it immediately.
    5. dont withdrawal large amounts in one shot, withdrawal in small amounts. $500, withdrawal in dinominations of $50 over a 1 - 2 period.

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    Cool Worzel

    Hi all you UK eBay/PayPal Users,do you know the address of eBay/PayPal in the UK? no? ok this is the information as Stated by Companies House records: PayPal (Europe) Ltd. 5 New Street Sq. London EC4A 3TW. PayPal (UK ) Ltd. These companies State: they are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the immediate parent undertaking,PayPal Payment Holdings Ltd.The ultimate parent company is PayPal Holdings Inc. PayPal (Europe ) Ltd State in their accounts. The principal activities of the Company is the management of cash and investments with fellow PayPal Holdings Inc. group companies. PayPal Holdings Inc. is the parent company of the smallest group to consolidate these financial statements. PayPal Holdings the ultimate parent company of the largest group to consolidate these financial statements. 2145 Hamilton Ave. San Jose CA 95125. eBay (UK ) Ltd. PayPal (Europe) Ltd. PayPal (UK ) Ltd State they operate from 5 New Street Sq. London EC4A 3TW. So Why do these companies State they operate from Luxembourg ?

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    They have many ways to track you, they take every opportunity to freeze your account and hold your money with the hope that they can keep.

    Some people have like $20 000 frozen, they do not make too much on the transaction fees so they take every excuse / opportunity to freeze accounts under various pretenses.

    Then they ask you for bunch of documents to prove who you are if you cannot they keep the money.

    Giving them all your sensitive personal information only can put you deeper in the shit you are now.

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    Thats why we always say never ship anything out until the funds are in your bank account. Just because there are funds in your PayPal account does not mean your legally paid for the item. If PayPal limits your account, any orders/transactions which the funds are held by PayPal, your under no legal obligation to ship or do any services whatsoever. PayPal charged the buyer's account/credit card not you. PayPal was contracted for a fee to transfer the funds from one party to another. If they didnt do anything, they have to provide proof that the transaction, you or the buyer is fraudulent. If they dont or refuse to, then legal action can be taken. The fact people are lazy and dont bother to do anything. They steal money, they get sued, people always settle, and they jump up and down saying we didnt do anything wrong.

    If you get your account limited and they ask for all that personal information, walk away from the account, because once your limited your limited for life. Dont give them information in which they can use against you with a collection agency.


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