Hey all,

I despise PayPal! I can't believe they have the rite to do what ever they want!

My last 3 accounts have been limited again and appeal denied so they closed my account with my money $980 on 180 day hold.. It seems like they are catering to the big companies. They won't even tell me why I'm limited.
I'm so pissed because this last account was legit. Using all my sisters info. I even faxed her license, cc/bank statements. I was selling clothes and all under $100 a piece.

I know you guys say don't use friends & realitives but she didn't mind and I thought I would pass when my account got limited because I had all Id. I just moved so had new cable and address.
I can't figure out what I did wrong?
Does everybody get limited? Do you think I should get a new iPad.

I think they know my pc even though I 'cleaned' it as you say.

I ready to throw the towel in and give up opening another account....it sucks doing all that work and getting booted