Hello All,

I was making a first order with a Chinese electronics e-tailer (quite well known) - I got something I'd never seen before. "We need to check it's you, we'll call your number and give you a PIN" (something like that).

I noticed the phone number was a really old one, so cancelled the page, and adjusted the phone number in My Account - I simply left a mobile phone number under Home (is this okay to do?).

Now when I try to make a payment with this Chinese seller, it says "Were sorry, but we cant send your payment right now. Return to merchant and try a different payment method."

Never seen this before, either. Tried a few nights ago, then last night, still the same error.

To muddy the waters, I did get hacked a few weeks ago for $500 or so, Middle East transaction (I'm in the UK). But I phoned Paypal within 24 hours of transaction and caught it quickly, and was able to change my passwords. Obviously I have taken steps to ensure my PC is clean.

I have made ebay/other UK transactions just fine in the last weeks.

Do you think foreign transactions are causing some sort of flag (the payment I'm trying to make is 300 or so) or is it the updating the phone number that's the problem?

I'm using Paypal Balance, in the UK, no VPNs or strange big transactions received/sent.