Hello All,

I was making a first order with a Chinese electronics e-tailer (quite well known) - I got something I'd never seen before. "We need to check it's you, we'll call your number and give you a PIN" (something like that).

I noticed the phone number was a really old one, so cancelled the page, and adjusted the phone number in My Account - I simply left a mobile phone number under Home (is this okay to do?).

Now when I try to make a payment with this Chinese seller, it says "We’re sorry, but we can’t send your payment right now. Return to merchant and try a different payment method."

Never seen this before, either. Tried a few nights ago, then last night, still the same error.

To muddy the waters, I did get hacked a few weeks ago for $500 or so, Middle East transaction (I'm in the UK). But I phoned Paypal within 24 hours of transaction and caught it quickly, and was able to change my passwords. Obviously I have taken steps to ensure my PC is clean.

I have made ebay/other UK transactions just fine in the last weeks.

Do you think foreign transactions are causing some sort of flag (the payment I'm trying to make is £300 or so) or is it the updating the phone number that's the problem?

I'm using Paypal Balance, in the UK, no VPNs or strange big transactions received/sent.