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Thread: Chargeback after partial refund, and Paypal does nothing

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    Default Chargeback after partial refund, and Paypal does nothing

    A quick history on me, I've been in business more than 4 years, and have an perfect reputation. Five star reviews everywhere you look, and loyal customers that always come back. I have never had a single chargeback, or issue with a customer that wasn't resolved within a day or two. I do business the old fashioned way, and always honor my promises to a customer. That being said, this is how a customer paid me $1200 for products I built, and ended up with $1600 and my products which he currently has pics posted online being used on his truck.
    To make a long story short I sold an headlight upgrade package to a customer in TX about 1000 miles from me. The terms were $800 for the labor and parts needed to build his package plus a $400 core charge that would be refunded when he shipped his factory headlights back to me. The client paid $1200 through Paypal, and I built the new lights and had them shipped to the customer. The customer received them and said there was no shipping damage, and everything looked great. He had install problems, and I had to ship a few extra parts at my cost even though the problem was user error. No issue though, thats the cost of doing business. After about a month he finally finished the install, and sent an email stating they were perfect, and I had done a wonderful job. He shipped back he factory parts, and I refunded $400 to him. A week later he sent an email describing cracks in one of the headlights,(he just hadn't noticed them for the month that he had them), and he was upset the Paypal took fees out for his $400 refund. I responded with a solution to cancel out his transaction fees, but he never responded by email after that. The next day he filed a dispute for the entire $1200 with his Card company. Paypal told me they would fight this, and because I had records of everything/done everything right, I had seller protection....
    Two months go by, and my account is minus $1220.00 as of Monday morning. Paypal says the card issuer decided in his favor, and there is nothing they can do about it. No seller protection, and they won't even give me the name of the CC company so that I may defend myself. Needless to say, Paypal will no longer be doing my card processing, on my website, or my storefront. I am beyond angry that when I have physical proof that my customer is lying about the entire process, they still left me high and dry. My customer now has my products which are still on his truck, I have evidence of this. Plus he has his $1200 back, and an additional $400. I paid this guy to steal from me, and whats worse, the evidence is overwhelming, and Paypal offers up sorry your having a bad day. I've heard of chargebacks, but never on this level.

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    This paypal junky who got the job while on crack/cocaine. I had similar problems with paypal. Guy ordered fedex express, it cost me extra to pay for this. He received signed, and then month later he filed fraudulent claim with paypal "goods not as described", paypal refunded him.

    They do not care. I suggest small claims court to get your lights back or the money from this guy. He just used the tricks to beat the system to get money back and keep the lights.

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    First the chargeback guideliness clearly state the buyer must return the product for a refund. That is the law in which PayPal must follow. The buyer's credit card company took the money away from PayPal because they were the ones that charged the buyer's credit card not you. PayPal are the biggest lying SOB's around and will do and tell you anything for the sole purpose of getting the money back they lost. They dont care where they get it from, they screw over everyone. So if your PayPal account is negative, your out nothing, a negative PayPal account simply means PayPal is out the money not you.

    If they try to get a collection agency after you, save all your documentation, state the chargeback regulations from Visa/Mastercard to establish the buyer returned the product back to you and also tell them to do not call, and establish "proof of debt owned". If they cant and still try to send an agency after you, get a lawyer.

    But they know what has to be done for not as described, no return = no money owed.


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