Hey guys, not related to ebay although I had issue with them in the past.

Basically I've been using paypal to make online purchases for the last few days as it saves me time of rewriting my credit card number.

1. Make an order for $150, get a message saying "you have broken paypal user terms" or some shit like that and that payment was declined. Okay whatever, I don't have time to fiddle around with paypal so I used another payment option.

2. Get e-mail that they will investigate this payment, see in my paypal account a pending for $150 (firstly, why the fuck would I have to be investigated for making a PAYMENT to someone with my account that has been linked to the same bank account for years and never had any issue?)

3. Okay, so I begin to look for any option to cancel this stupid pending payment. I can't seem to find anything, and don't want to get the seller involved in a dispute, so I mark it as unauthorised payment (which it kind of is, I didn't authorize a pending payment that was declined). This is my fault I guess, I should have researched the correct options more thoroughly.

4. Get a reply from the 'customer rep' that this isn't classified as an unauthorized transaction so they would't do anything. I mean, do these fuckng robots not understand the situation? They can't direct me somewhere appropriate or help any way? The idiot asks me for more 'details' and the transaction codes which i gave.

5. I check about 10 hours later, no reply from them, I see payment has been 'approved', seller was kind enough to instantly refund me, and now it's 'pending refund', fuuuuuuuck you paypal, that's my fucking money from my bank, how fucking dare you make it 'pending'?

Ugh, this isn't the worst story ever but it just gets on my nerves because unlike when I used to get screwed around as an ebay seller, now I'm getting shit as a buyer.