Because they rule the waves is why. TOO many thousands keep crawling back when they're alternate efforts FAIL. Here' the thing- and I've learned this secondarily: try to sell in live venues. Yard sales, booth rental, etc. If you open a store of your own may have to ditto a few. Ebay is huge wreaker monster. And paypal doesn't even pay out to the seller! They extract your fees then renege on the conditions to get paid. TRY TRY TRY to perservere without shitBay. I even had rock bottom items up there for two weeks with not even a Watcher. DO IT YOURSELF. Try c l and too. Always keep looking for new Sites and other venues to get your business out there.

And half.crap dot com REALLY stabbed me in the prideful back last year. I mean it: Stay Away- it really bit.