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Thread: Gift Payment.

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    Default Gift Payment.

    I've been stupid. I was so pissed off at Paypal screwing me over that I scammed an E-bay seller who is based in the same country as me, out of 800. I pretended I had an expensive Laptop and did the deal outside of E-bay.

    I chatted to the Ebay seller under the condition he sent payment direct to my Paypal, but what I didn't realise at the time was he sent the payment as 'Friends and Family' Which is a Gift option. He did the transaction using his mobile phone. I wanted to get free money and he could just claim the funds back. So Paypal would end up with a negative balance and I could scarper.

    This person then found me online and is harassing me to the point they're threatening me with the Police. I have an unusual name and didn't think they could locate me - My Paypal email is not linked to my online accounts.

    I've been stupid but now I'm concerned, he's told me he's going to the Police and now I don't know what to do. I keep expecting a knock at the door and I can't sleep. Paypal say this is a civil matter and the Police won't get involved and others say online that because it's a 'GIFT' payment the Police won't get involved either, is this correct? I won't do this again and I only did it to one person. Can someone help me please.

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    Yea Don't worry.. If problem arise Explain your Situation..


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