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Thread: Credit card company chargeback theived 250 from my Paypal account

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    Default Credit card company chargeback theived 250 from my Paypal account

    Our small business sells custom made items over the internet. A customer approached us so eager to buy our product.

    After a lengthy dialogue of emails that lasted three weeks, the customer eventually paid us 350.

    Three days before delivery with the product made just for him, he put in a chargeback in with Paypal to get all his money back.

    Well we had paid 250 of that money on materials and workmanship, so there was no money to claim back.

    He told his credit card company that he had received the goods but they were inferior. Lie. We hadn't sent them yet.

    After about three weeks, he 'won' his case having not supplied any evidence against our ton of evidence.

    When we asked Paypal to give us the name of his credit card company because we believe they broke the rules of chargeback, Paypal would not.

    Now we're left with a 250 product we cannot sell, and 250 out of pocket.

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    this proves again and again that they have agents who are stupid and uneducated. The problem is that the grew so big without being regulated like bank, they can do whatever they want.


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