I placed an clothing order that I thought was from a US based company only to find out that it was a company in China counterfeiting US merchandise. The order was incomplete. The clothing received was cheaply made and in some cases unfinished. I filed a dispute with PayPal. PayPal treated me as if I was the criminal. PayPal had me file a police report, I did. PayPal had me pay (22.37) to have the order sent back, I did. PayPal then told me they were waiting for the seller to tell me they received the order. I called constantly only to be told they hadn't heard from the seller. PayPal closed my dispute when the seller refunded $21.37, even less than I paid to return the order. My initial order was $93.47. PayPal claimed they settled because I had not responded in time. This is ludicrous since I've been contacting them almost everyday. I am appalled! The whole reason I used PayPal is because I thought it protected the consumer.