Here is my story:

I -from Italy- sold an authentic pair of designer shoes to an UK buyer, paid with paypal.

Just after receiving them, buyer immediately opened claim saying they're fake (she did not contact me at all).

I immediately sent to Paypal my receipt of purchase from one of the most worldwide well-known authorized dealer, photographic evidences (screenshots, order copy, etc), I even provided an expert report from a well-known independent designer authentication service officially recognised by Paypal and other authorities.

Despite this, Paypal quickly closed the claim in buyer's favor, just on her words, and refunded her with my money.

I never received my (authentic) shoes back.

I lost both my money and my (authentic) item, and Paypal permanently limited my account (note that I was a paypal customer from 2004, with more than 1400 transactions - 90% as a buyer - and a total of just ONE claim opened against me, THIS one).

And NO appeal. I have done all possible: more than twenty phone calls, emails, brief they told me that they've done it because they can do it, and no explanation is due, even if it was clear that it has been an choice, all I could have done was to file a lawsuit, and this is what I did.

I did a very wide research in order to fully understand how to carry on this matter, and I got into some interesting UK ombudsman decisions vs PP, I used them as "case law" for my lawsuit.



I thought it would not be easy, because here PP is based in Luxembourg (check this [url][/url] ), and this will cause a cross-border litigation.

I found that EU parliament estabilished a regulation about an "European small claims procedure", which should make matter like these easier.

FYI here are the links



Here you will find all the regulation and the applying form.

I filed this procedure in december 2014.

This should have took no more than three months, but hey, we are in Italy took 15 months, but at the end the Court delivered its judgement: they ruled Paypal to refund my money plus my costs (so they ended up paying almost double the intial amount).

It has been sometimes "strange", even funny and laborious and tiring (sometimes it looked like the movie "The Rainmaker": me against an international law firm, their defense team was formed by FOUR lawyers!), but eventually...the satisfaction is really priceless!

Hope these infos could help if anybody is in a similar situation.