I literally cannot eat or do anything. I am staying in bed all day because I am so depressed over the few days. I just finished crying because I am so scared right now.... I really messed up by committing fraud on PayPal. Greed got to me and now I'm sitting in my room crying to myself nonstop. I have 4 PayPal accounts and their all used to recieve money and spend since their all getting limited. Fake info except one account which has my moms bank card name and address on it.... I will probably get over -1500+ negative balance once the buyers file a claim for not shipping... They have linked all 3 accounts and limited it for having a negative balance on an old account. except my moms was limited because I just created t and was spending a lot so I can't remove the card or bank. They have not figured out my moms is linked with the scamming accounts but I have a gut feeling they will. This is killing me on the inside and I feel like committing suicide. I do not want my mom to get bad credit because of a fuck up like me. I'm so scared their going to send me or my parents to court because this is already a lot of money that's waiting to be negative. Please help me out I'm suffering here.... The inevitable is just waiting to happen, I know because it's an obvious fraud case of me not shipping the police are going to send me or my parents to jail... Im literally bawling my eyes out because I feel so bad I was so greedy please help me and I'm so sorry this text is long. This is killing me on the inside and I hope you guys aren't too rough on me.. Thank you