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Thread: Can i refund with a limited account?

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    Angry Can i refund with a limited account?

    Paypal has decided to limit my account for whatever reason! However in the section of what i can do with my account it has i can still give refunds.

    My question is: I have about 10/12 payments in there in the value of 400$, can i give a refund to all my costumers as to ask for them to pay me trough another service or website?
    Or will paypal also forbid me to do that?

    I worked really hard the past few weeks to earn my money and im very scared that paypal will just decide to take my money away from me...

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    I am from California, USA and i have the same problem.

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    You could give it a try provided the funds are being held in your PayPal account. If the funds are in your bank account, then your paid. Normally PayPal has no legal right to hold funds for whatever reason. PayPal's lame ass excuse is that they will steal the funds for a period so that the buyer doesnt initiate a chargeback. If you initiate a refund, there's no way the buyer could initiate a chargeback. But if the funds are held by PayPal, and then they go into your bank account thats illegal. If they did, contact the bank and tell them the transaction wasnt authorized. PayPal must refund the customer in the same exact manner the transaction occured. Remember PayPal was the one that charged the buyer's credit card not you, and they are the ones legally responsible for the charge.


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