We ran a successful Indiegogo campaign [url]http://igg.me/at/gizmo3Dprinters[/url] and now and now PayPal is locking the money down and any payment we get they will keep 55% of it for 6 months. Suppliers already started manufacturing parts and they want payment. Now we can't pay them and they will most likely sue us and blacklist us

During a recent review of your PayPal account, we determined that it was appropriate to apply a reserve to your account effective in 24 hours. A collateral amount of $80000.00 will be set aside from your current available balance. In addition, a rolling reserve will be set at 55% of the processed amount for each day, to be held for a 180 day rolling period.

For example, 55% of the payments you receive are held at the end of the first day and will be released 20/04/2016, 55% of your payments are held at the end of the second day and will be released on 18/10/2016, and so on.

The decision regarding your reserve setting was based on our review of the level of risk associated with your account. We looked at several factors in determining that there is a high level of risk associated with your account including:

Delivery Timeframe - (Extended length of your delivery timeframe).

Overall processing volume (There is a significant change in the level of payments your business is processing compared to your processing history).

High risk business model (There has been a change in your business model or your business model is considered high risk due to one, or a combination of the following (list is not all inclusive) how and when items or service are delivered, item or service being sold, inventory management).

We regularly review reserve levels and make adjustments when possible. You will be notified if your reserve settings are adjusted (increased or decreased) in the future.