Sold an unopened West Wing box set via eBay back in January. The buyer waited 45 days, to let me know that Disc 2 was bad. I gave her (Billy Held) an 800 number to call for a disc replacement which she refused. She said it was my responsibility. I let her know that if it was within 30 days, I would have taken it back. Amazon and BestBuy (which has a 15 day return policy) won't take it back after their return period.

Instead of opening a case with eBay, she opened it with PayPal with "Not as Described" as the reason. The seller "supposedly" sent the item back, but I never received it. UPS lists three attempts and it was sent back.

I would love to take not only PayPal to small claims court, but also Billy Held . Granted, it was only $60. But it is the principal.