I have problems getting help with Paypal customer service. Apperantly they need to be ass kissed before they even bother replying. So I was wondering if someone perhaps could teach me the tongue tornado so that I can get some service and finally be taken care of..

I sent a simple question if they could remove the paypal currency convertion as a standard payment option. I was tired of always having to manualy deselecting the option that charge my card a much higher convertion rate than my bank, thus causing me to lose money.

I forgot to deselect the option, again, this time causing me to lose 25$. I then sent a polite message to ask if they could help me remove it, so that it doesnt happen again. They never answered my question or helped me. Instead they had the nerve to send my an emal asking me to review thair good service. I then sent the following frustrated message to Paypal. Apperantly calling a spade for a spade is abusive, and they will not answer. Just asking politely for help in the first question, didnt generate a response at all.

Thank you for your email.

I understand that you require assistance with your PayPal account.

At PayPal we always deal with our customers in as professional and fair a manner as possible. While we understand you may be frustrated with the current issues on your account we cannot condone a situation where our employees are subjected to abusive language from customers.
We kindly request that you rephrase your email and contact us again with a more suitable message. If you continue to address us using abusive language, please be aware that you may receive no further response from us.

Please note that we also provide written and spoken support in Norwegian.

Have a nice day.

Yours sincerely,

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>message: 'can the lazy ass customer sevice start replying to messages please. Ref. last message sent'

>topic: 'File a complaint'
>subtopic: 'How to make a formal complaint to PayPal'