Good day!

I will write you here my short negative experience with paypal and I am asking you for a help, please!

As long as I am only 21 I am not very experienced and I was never using paypal for selling. I sold some items on ebay (digital goods, but all legit and working) but some buyers anyway scammed me for games and money also. Now my PP balance is -35,16$.

My question is what will happen if I will not pay that amount of money, because I dont want to give money to scammers (I know they have them back). I am not from UK and sorry for posting here, but I really need only help. I am from Europe and I used valid CC and bank ACC while registering because I was using paypal before but not as seller. Also I written there my adress that is correct, maybe it was bad move...

So My questions are:
1. What will happen if I dont pay that amount
2. Can they take that amount from my CC or bank account directly??
3. What will they do If I close my bank account and get new CC?

It is only 36$ but I am student and for me it is not small money, in that case I live in poor country where you get 100$ for month in work as student.. And I dont have time to work because I study on hard University. Thank you for response everybody!

I was just about to make some money with good intension to let people get their games for less prices and they scammed me.. This world is wrong but whatever I just need to know what to do now..

Thank you