I've been a paypal/ebay member for over 10 years. I have 100% feedback on eBay and no customers complaint. Over the past month, my monthly sales have rose from around 10k per month to about 50k per month. This was due to an updated business model that was working very well for me. So paypal flagged my account and although I sent in documents, they said that the business is unsustainable. They said that they are permanently limiting the account and there is nothing that I can do. My eBay account is still active and still at 100% feedback.

The issue is that I still have 72 eBay orders that need to be fulfilled. Due to the business model that I was using, I don't have the funds to fulfill these orders. I tried selling on my wife's paypal account and that account was limited after a couple days too. So I've decided to walk away from all of this and be done with paypal and ebay. My question is what will paypal do once my account is roughly negative $20,000? I plan to go on eBay and just cancel all of the orders so they buyers can get a refund from paypal. Will paypal try to take me to court or what else could possible happen? I'm getting a new debit card and I will also put a block on my checking account so they cannot stick their greedy paws in there.