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Thread: Chargeback on a digital item

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    Angry Chargeback on a digital item

    Hello, I got scammed.

    And I am not sure paypal will be on my side. I have sold multiple of digital goods which for 2 of them I received chargeback notification. So for one chargeback paypal took money from my paypal ballance, and other they put
    -$140 ??

    What should I do here guys? should i maybe close the debit card? does paypal have the right to take money from my bank account? I really have no idea what to do here.

    help me please

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    Default Hey

    I have same problem but with less amount (about 36$). People just scammed me for games then took theyir money back..

    I will never ever sell with ebay and I will never ever use paypal because of their support and fcking no care about sellers.

    I am still finding what to do same as you and I hope somebody will help us.. I am from Europe and I will go to close my bank acc and CC just to be sure that they will not charge that money from my bank account without my permission..

    That is hell for real.. I am decent man and not scamming seller and I dont know why people have to scam others.. They really dont have any soul? Seems like not..

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