Hello everyone, My name is Daryl. I'm new here, so please forgive any mistakes that I make.
I was recently involved in a scam, where I become what I've read a 'money mule'. I foolishly put up items for a man on ebay and sent the buyer's money to him after putting it in my bank from PayPal.
The buyer took the money back out of my paypal account, which is excellent, but I do not have that money in my bank, and now my paypal is in a negative balance.
I'm currently in talks with my bank to try and get this money back, but from what I've seen on boards, money is impossible to get back from when this happened.
Being unemployed and busy with school, I cannot get the money to get my account back up to 0.00 right away. I'm worried about what will happen to me.
What can I do about this situation? I've tried talking to paypal, but they just keep linking me to the 'resolution centre' where I can't find anything I need.
If I delete my bank account attached to this paypal and change the details of it, will they still be able to find me?
If anybody has been in this situation, please contact me!
Please help, I'm terrified.