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Thread: Australians looking to join class action?

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    Unhappy Australians looking to join class action?

    Started by a solicitor, I'm a Barrister, we're both really ticked off. Anyone based in Australia interested in taking these guys to Court for fraud/breach of contract/breach of Australian Consumer Law?

    Get in touch - am very angry and finally have a chance to use my powers for 'good'... Seriously though - if you're here and have been in any way scammed, get in touch.

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    i am interested and have a similar court issue going on. will send you a pm.

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    Angry Worzel

    Hi I am a UK PayPal User or should I say Was? I took PayPal to my local County Court for Breach of contract,PayPal refused to release buyers payments,claiming I had Not verified my bank with them? I refer to "The money Laundering Regulations 2007" CDD which clearly State,it is for PayPal to verify my bank account,if they are unable to verify my bank,then No account should be set up,PayPal Stated in their User Agreement,they would Verify my bank,they also Stated in their Statement of Truth,they would verify my bank account,I won my case,PayPal made 2 Applications to have that Judgement Order "Set Aside" both applications were dismissed,by 2 different courts, PayPal then closed my account in 2012. eBay State in the UK it is Mandatory for All sellers (consumers ) to offer the buyer the choice of paying for items bought from them via PayPal (a company owned by eBay.) in 2014 I bought a number of items on eBay,the seller claimed she only accepts payments via PayPal,PayPal refused to accept my payment, I opened another account with eBay in October 2014,eBay Stated it was Mandatory for me to have a PayPal account,so I opened another PayPal account in december 2014.I sold a number of items on eBay,PayPal accepted those buyer payments,I was told by PayPal they would with hold buyers payments for 21 days,I phoned PayPal and asked Why they were with hold buyer payments for 21 days,that was Illegal under "The Payment Service Regulations 2009" PayPal then said,eBay had ordered them to with hold buyers payments for 21 days, soon after that complaint I got messages saying I had Closed my PayPal account,Not so,told by PayPal,Open another account which I did,this problem went on till may 2015,PayPal then said my account was limited because I had to many PayPal accounts,this limitation could NOT be challenged,eBay then refused to allow me to use any other payment service provider,eBay said I could still buy on eBay,I didn't need a PayPal account,so I purchased 12 items in 2015,all sellers Stated they had a contract with PayPal to accept buyer payments,one seller even Stated he had sold Hundreds of items on eBay,all buyers paid via PayPal,PayPal refused to accept my payment,Discrimination by PayPal? PayPal sent me a message in 2015 Stating they would Freeze any account I opened with them,refuse to accept buyer payments for any goods I sold on eBay,Discrimination? you tell me. I am taking eBay to court for Breach of Contract.the eBay User Agreement,clearly State,they would Strike out Any void,unenforceable,invalid Provision of the User Agreement (contract) eBay,myself or the Courts Cannot enforce PayPal to accept me as a customer. This problem with PayPal is World Wide,so Why is eBay allowed to make the use of selling on their web site, PayPal Mandatory? don't we have Competition Laws? yes we have "The PayMent Service Regulations 2009" "The money Laundering Regulations 2007" "The Electronic money regulations" The most interesting Statutory instrument in the UK is "The payment service regulations 2009" eBay and PayPal just laugh at those regulations,they have friends in High Places.


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