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Thread: Account closed 2ce for no reason, telling my story

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    Default Account closed 2ce for no reason, telling my story

    I had signed up for paypal in 2006 or 07. I used the account off and on for both buying and selling (mostly buying) without ever having any incidents or problems. Then suddenly in I think it was 2012 paypal just up and closed my account. They sent me an email stating that the federal laws require them to collect all my personal information including social security number.

    I decided that was b.s. and decided to ignore it. I could live my life without paypal. It was just a convenience for me, not something I can't do without. So I ranted about it a bit on my social medias then forgot about them.

    A year or so later they suddenly sent me an email saying that after their investigation they concluded I was good and proper and they were fully opening my account again. Well by that time I was used to not using them but I think I had about $25 in the account so I went in there and transferred the money to my bank account then went and closed the bank account and once again forgot about paypal.

    Then I wanted to buy something from a business that was only accepting paypal. So I went and added my credit card information. I should back up here and say that at one time before they closed my account, someone had stolen my credit card information either from them or from ebay (since at the time they were the only online companies that had it and it's my understanding that they are the same company essentially) and the thief charged a bunch of stuff to it but luckily I monitor my cards online and I was able to catch it and close the card before anything was charged. I also called the merchants to let them know not to send the stuff that had been charged because it was a stolen number. I was told by them that the card had been declined anyway.

    Ok so I took a chance and added my card information back to paypal and bought the item I wanted. Then I bought some more things and just found myself using it and ebay more and more as a buyer.

    Finally, just recently I wanted to add an email address and a bank account. Adding the email address went fine, but I couldn't add a bank account at all. I sent an email to their customer support and got a canned response which basically gave me instructions how to do it and to check the "resolution center" to make sure nothing needed to be "resolved"

    I logged in and checked the resolution center and there was nothing there. Never has been as far as I know. So I sent them a response telling them there was nothing that needed to be resolved and I'd copy and pasted the routing number and account number and it still wouldn't add the bank.

    They ended up sending me a response to an internal inbox inside paypal saying they were going to call me on the phone within 48 hours. Well, there's no way they could do that since I can't take phone calls and didn't enter a real phone number when I signed up. So I responded to their message saying that it's best to contact me by email. That was a couple days ago.

    So today I TRY to log in there to see if there were any more messages and check if I could add a bank now... but when I try to log in it won't let me. So I went through the whole process of "forgot password" to change my password and finally I got into the account but when I tried to add a bank it kicked me back out again and wouldn't let me log in again at all.

    So apparently they've closed my account again without telling me, without giving me a reason and leaving me to guess what is going on. I sent them another email but I don't expect they will respond. It'll probably take them another 2 years to open my account again or maybe they never will. Whatever. Back to living without them I guess.

    I just wanted to tell my story because it makes absolutely no sense to me that they just up and close the account for no reason, give me a bunch of crap about federal laws that must not actually exist I mean since they up and opened it again despite the fact that I ignored their requests for all my info. And now won't let me access my account because I wanted to add a bank account.

    Thankfully I've never really trusted them much and never left much money sitting in there at any given time and after they closed it for no reason trusted them even less so I didn't have any money in there at all. About the only thing that's lost is they have my credit card info and I lost the convenience. I wish there were alternatives that people would actually use because paypal seems like a very shady operation to say the least.

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    Update to this. My account is working again, that is I'm able to log in. I went in and deleted my credit card and the old bank that I hadn't been able to delete previously. I was not able to add a bank account still.

    Paypal sent me a message saying I need to call them for "verification" then they can help me add the bank account. I suspect this is their way of trying to trick me into giving them info like my social security number.

    Do any of you know what they ask for this "verification" just to add a bank account to my paypal account? When I go to add it it says that they will deposit and retrieve 2 small amounts for verification so what else do they need?

    I think I'm going to ignore it again but I'm just curious what their game is here.

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