So I have this scenario and wondering what would happen, please help.

Let's say that I've been trading virtual goods. But then one day someone decided to f**k me over and start a dispute with me. Usually from what I researched around internet, Paypal will hold a certain amount being disputed. But what happen if I have 0 balance on my paypal?

I don't keep balance on my paypal account. Whenever I received payment, I send it to another paypal user and the user will pay my with my country's currency. So what I'm wondering is, where do paypal get the money to hold now when I have zero balance?

1. Do they charge it off my credit card? if that is so, is it possible for me to inform my credit card company that I did not authorize paypal charge?
2. Or do they take back the money from the user I send it to?

If you're wondering that whether I'm considering a fraud, I'm not. I'm trading virtual goods and it is not covered by Paypal protection policy. But I do several things to keep me safe although not completely, such as:

-Having them send me email from their paypal address to me and stating that they are fully aware making the purchase
-Stating whom do I delivered to
-Taking videos while transaction happen.

I know it is still not enough, but I just wanna know which scenario will happen? so if anyone have any knowledge regarding this your help will be really appreciated!