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Thread: Paypal Scam of 15 430 pounds

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    Angry Paypal Scam of 15 430 pounds

    Hi there I have been approached exactly on 27th of December by this person, but before that the person ask me if I was having a Paypal account and I said yes. This person pretend having a bereavement and will need to go to the funeral on 31st of December 2015 abroad and will need to change some money in euros and she asked me if she could transfer it in my Paypal account to have in euros. she only told me that she won't get enough time to order in the Bank and because the 1st of January being bank holiday they will bury the body on the first and needs to be done because she wanted to say goodbye to the person. I was working on the last two days and specially for new year so I proposed her to meet in central London on the evening of 30th and the 31st morning, she said okay. On the 30th night she said her little brother Kamal will come to pick it up because she is having some family that came because of that of the event. We went to a currency shop in Charing cross trafalgar square I withdraw the money and gave straight the envelop to the person it was around 10500 euros. I thought it was it but the brother make me understand that she will send me the rest for next day but I told them I was working so it can only be done in the morning. On 31st around 9 am I met the brother again but as soon as I met him I broke my phone around the same times so I couldn't see anything happening online. I only repaired my phone around 4 or 5 and I send her a message and she said it will be resolved in couple of hour. I called the person more than 100 times send text nothing the person blocked me and change the number few days after. they are telling now that the number does not exist. I called Paypal to understand what was going on and I discovered that the money was sent as a buyer but I don't sell anything and I wasn't clear for me it was a nightmare. One day later one email address get attached to my Paypal account as [email][/email] something like that but it wasn't me and I called Paypal explaining them that something is going on but they wouldn't listen. After 5 or 6 calls they told me to report it to action fraud straight away. One day after I sent mails to the two emails that sent the money on Paypal asking they what is going on and that I am going to report it. They never answered back, a day letter Paypal is informing that I was connected in the U.S.A on the same day and I had to change my password I did. I called Paypal explain them the situation telling them that I am leaving in London and it can't be me I don't understand. The customer service wasn't helping me so I decided to try to contact Paypal on social media, so I decided to start on Instagram and this is where I discovered all those Paypal account and I was shocked with all details that I saw on it. I reported all the account on Instagram more that 100 times but they still active, I don't know what to do and specially the amount on picture is exactly what was transferred in my account and I discovered that this is something bigger that I though. There is more than one account on this. It even look like someone on Paypal is helping them because is impossible to do something like that.
    Now Paypal send my files to debt collector Friday and they tried to call me I didn't pick up. I need help please I am planning to press charge against Paypal but I will need a lawyer and I would like to humiliated them publicly and use the press. The problem is I don't have a fix job at the moment and I only contacted one lawyer and he talked about 5000 pounds... Paypal told me that it happened to a lot of person during that the same period. they held the money for only 1 week and resent to the sender without investigating anything where the money come from and telling them that I don't sell anything at all. I warned them about some Instagram account with picture of my bank details and my Paypal account and they didn't want to hear anything. Can anyone help me please. I want to press charge against them and use the media to make people aware that is not safe and contact the financial authorities because they failed me as a customer. I have screenshots of prove.

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    Can you be more specific..because im not sure that i understand what happened exactly.
    -Basically you have know a person..a female witch told you to help her by transferring some funds into your Paypal account and then you windrow this funds into your bank account .
    -On 30 and 31 you have windrow the fund from the bank account and give it to the supposed brother
    - Then apparently the transaction on your paypal account was made like someone paid money to you for "goods or service" and then the transactions was reversed...?
    - You also say that on your ppal account appears a email witch you did int recognize as being your contact or attached email to your ppal account

    Now on this facts you got scammed. The mistery for me or the things wich they dont add up are the next:
    1- where did you meet this "lady" and did you meet her personal?
    2- To receive such amount of money into your ppal account (without any limitations of the funds) you was need either to have a long history with them or either in the past you was some kind of power seller on ebay....

    Now if your story is real..then i suggest you tell that to the police and there is a posibility ..but maybe...they can look over the CCTV of the charing cross branch and see when you give the money to the person....assuming that ppal will suit you somehow leggally in this.


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