Hello Guys. A couple of months ago, I got my personal account limited, "because of selling counterfeit keys" or smth like that. I tried until now to contact them on facebook, email but I got the same answer as always. Today when I called them, the answer I got was basically you can't get your account back, that's over and that selling keys, even if they are from the official site is prohibited on paypal. Well, I bought those keys from the official site (steam). I want to ask you, is there a way to get my account back? or at last get reviewed by a human, not robot and check all my proofs. I went yesterday to a lawyer and he saw my evidences (it's one of my friends, I asked him for an opinion if any of my evidences are good) and he said that those invoices are legal and they should be taken as a proof of genuine product. Is there an email or something where I can send my proof and get verified by a human, not robot?
Along with paypal, I got my ebay limited aswell, but the difference is that when I called ebay and gave them those invoices and prints, they unlocked my account ASAP, while paypal is kinda blind. I saw once that there is an email like [email]appeals@paypal.com[/email] or smth like that where you can send those proof and a human worker will verify them. Also, is there a way to directly contact a supervisor or manager to talk to him? It feels like those from the support have 0 knowledge and rights to restore an account.

PS: I got the limitation cannot be appealed on my main page, so it's kinda hard, but if they won't move, I might aswell sue them for damaging my business, blocking my access without legal evidences and refusing to review my account.